Thank you for your consideration on 
inviting us to your convention!
Below is everything you need to know!

A little bit about us:
My name is Christopher Pense. After serving 7 years as a cop in the United States Air Force, I decided I wanted to try to do something I was passionate about. So I started Pense Productions. A photography company that specializes in cosplay photography. A little while later I met the love of my life, who also loves photography, and she joined me in my quest. Sense then we have became the official photographers for the ToyMan Toy Show and the Official cosplay photographers for Geekinomicon, Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve with Stan Lee as well as the 74th annual World Con and have been invited to several conventions in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Indiana just to name a few! Sense my wife and I are both photographers, it gives us two separate sets of eyes and artistic creativity. 

Why we do what we do:
I have been a cosplayer for over 14 years. Most of my cosplays are not as amazing as some of these "professional cosplayers" that exist now. Even though they did not look as amazing, I wish I could have gotten professional pictures of me in them. I also used to be a poor college kid, that barely scrapped together enough just for the cost to be there, so when we started this we kept that in mind.

What we do at conventions:
Our company wants to make sure that EVERYONE can afford a great photo of their costume sense they put a lot of time, money, heart and soul into them. Which is why we will offer everyone at your convention a FREE photoshoot that will include one image per day posted to Facebook for free. This photo will have your logo on it as well as a smaller one of ours posted to both your and our Facebook pages. We will take care of uploading them for you so you won't have to worry about it. If time allows we also offer a staff photo as well.

If attendees wish to purchase additional pictures we offer several options including prints at prices from $5 - $20.  
We do everything we can to feel like a full studio experience when we are at conventions, not just like some little fly by night photographer with a camera and a CD burner.

Our booth is an EXPERIENCE, something to do at your convention, not just another booth to spend money at. We have even had multiple people not even want to see their pics, they just wanted to do it because it was something fun to do at the con!

What we will require if we are invited to your convention:

Enough space to set up our mobile photo studio which Includes a backdrop and multiple lights. It is roughly 10 ft x 10 ft approximately. 
We will also need a table or two with its own space just outside of the photobooth area. The combined total area is 10ft x 20ft for table and photo area.
The space will need to have a power drop included for our lights, computer, printer ect.
Some sort of advertising of our location so that any cosplayer who wishes to get pictures will know where to find us.
Access as an editor to your Facebook page (to post the pictures)
Lodging for the duration of the convention. This may need to include the day before the convention, and possibly the last night of the convention depending on how late the convention shuts down and the distance we have to travel. (This will be worked out on a case by case bases for each con)
Printed flyers sent to us, so we can put them on our tables at other conventions we attend to advertise for you.
Due to some issues with some conventions in the past, we needed to add Parking to this list. If free parking is not available, reimbursements for parking, or a pass provided in advance will be needed. My wife is disabled and can't walk far distances. We have had a couple cons that set up where parking was in the upwards of $40 per day for parking. This only applies to very few cons.

What we will require if your convention is further than a 3 hours drive from us:
Travel expenses. This amount will be worked out on a case by case basis 

What we will require if your convention is further than a 5 hours drive from us:
Per Diem for food expenses. This amount can be worked out on a case by case bases or just based off of each states requirement. 

Free prints for attendees:
A thing that we are testing at some conventions, but requires $1 per projected attendee, we will make vouchers to put into every ones welcome bag that is good for one free print. The $1 cost covers the price of the ink/paper for the print, as well as the cost of the voucher. This is not a requirement, however an option your convention may choose. Prints are normally $5 each if an attendee wishes to purchase.

This is not just a photo, this is something to do at your convention that is not shopping or a panel. We have had multiple people tell us how much fun they have when they are in our mobile studio. Some say they feel like models, and that makes them feel really good if they normally are sensitive about their bodies.

As you can see we don't ask for much. And what we offer in return is a huge amount of advertising and social media presence for your convention.
We do ask for assistance with room accommodations as compensation for the services we supply to the convention in the form of social media presence and ensuring every one of your attendees receive a free digital photo, but as stated before this is incredibly cheap compared to what it would cost for something of that magnitude!
I have seen photographers that are similar in nature to what we do that charge $40 for two digital images on a cd per guest. let go crazy and drop that price down to $5 as a base price for one digital image and you have 400 guests that's a total of $2000 to give each guest one image. Lets say a hotel room costs $100 per night and we are there for 2 nights. That would be only 50 cents per guest it would cost to bring us in. This is a great value! And Cheaper than other Guests sense we don't require a guarantee.

For those conventions who already have a cosplay photobooth, don't wish to have one, or even ones that are already inviting us in. We are capable of handling celebrity photo-ops as long as it is not on a huge scale with multiple ops happening at the same time. So if you have a small number of celebrities and wish to offer photo-ops, we can discuss this on a case by case bases.

If you have any questions about any details that I might have failed to list please feel free to ask. I am very excited at the aspects of adding you to our list of conventions we get to be a part of!